Adam Shafran, President

A close friend of mine had introduced us to Bottom Line. We were interested in reducing our utility bills in the state of Florida and knew based on the fact that it is a regulated state, it is much more difficult to save money compared to other parts of the country. Bottom Line came in […]

Paul Francy, CFO

Bottom Line provides a methodical approach to cost savings that we would have loved to implement on our own but we didn’t know where to start.  Bottom Line laid out a simple process and stayed with us every step of the way. The founder of Bottom Line was involved throughout the entire project and continues […]

Deborah DeStefano, Controller

As the controller of the Rosenwach Group of companies, I was fortunate to find Bottom Line Concepts to help me navigate the power supply utility markets in various states. I have been working with Bottom Line Concepts for many months and they have lifted the burden of having to negotiate with various third party suppliers […]

Brad Meltzer, Chairman and CEO

I had the pleasure of meeting with key executives at Bottom Line Concepts, and was quickly impressed by their service.  They explained to me how Bottom Line could save money for Plaza and I agreed to have them look into a number of refund opportunities for us.  After a short period of time, they were […]

Antoinette Tabibi, Owner

Bottom Line Concepts is dedicated to helping businesses understand their cost structure and keeping expenses down. Their team is responsive, attentive and committed to their clients’ needs. They are informed and personally available day and night to answer questions.  BLC is an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Thomas Moore, Head of Tax

MSC hired Bottom Line early on during the COVID pandemic and like most companies, we were going through some pretty significant changes. They have been a great trusted partner and have come through on every project we have hired them for. The BLC team has made a tough situation a little bit easier for us […]

Tori Alexander, VP of Business Administration

We have been working with Bottom Line for years and have hired them for several projects across our different expenses.Their team has been a valuable resource for us to achieve cost savings and better educate us on how to streamline things going forward. They’re easy to work with and very responsive to our needs. I […]


Bottom Line has done some great work for us. Efficient, straight shooters and focused on “the bottom line,” they have produced real savings in important areas of our business. We continue to look for ways they can help us.

Daniel Grgorinic, Finance & Operations Director

Bottom Line Concepts has been an amazing partner who has helped with cost savings as well as tracking down funds which belong to us.  Even with our thorough review of vendors and relationships they have been able to shed light in areas where we thought we could not improve any further.  They have an extremely […]

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