No. We understand that organizations frequently invest in lasting relationships with their vendors and may prefer to keep those affiliations in place. Bottom Line Concepts is “Vendor Neutral.” Our industry network and depth of vendor familiarity enable us to renegotiate your current contracts or mine the marketplace to identify powerful savings from other, high quality service providers. We identify significant savings opportunities, and you determine which direction would be most beneficial for your company.

We utilize a breadth of technology and industry relationships to deliver expedient and comprehensively sourced results, and because we represent numerous clients, in the aggregate we enjoy greater buying power than your company alone. We leverage our clients’ histories of successful cost savings strategies in combination with innovative concepts that reduce waste and eliminate inefficiencies, and just like your own team, we are committed to maximizing value while preserving the value and quality of the services and products you receive.

Where consultants are traditionally paid a per project fee or an hourly rate, we offer a performance based consultancy. If we don’t save you money, or you choose not to implement our recommendations, you don’t owe us money. And, in complete commitment to your bottom line, we will not invoice you until you realize savings.

We are accomplished at identifying key documents required for our process, and with our insight, you should be able to quickly target records sufficient to kickstart our work. A few invoices, an authorization form or online account access is frequently all we need. Proper documentation allows us to benchmark proposed savings against your current costs to prove our results.

No. Our model is extremely flexible and you choose which expense categories you would like us to review.

Unequivocally. We ask our clients to share their bills, not their books. Our Client Agreement includes a confidentiality clause, and we will execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request. Each of our partnerships is held to the same confidentiality standard.

Yes, and because our compensation derives exclusively from making your company more profitable, you know that we sit squarely on your side of the table.

Certainly, but our methods are proven, reliable and expedient, delivered at no up front cost to your organization, and relieve your professionals to focus on business critical operations. Let us do what we do best, and if we cannot improve upon what you have previously accomplished, you do not owe us any money.

On a going forward savings basis, we invoice your organization for its portion of the savings it realizes for 60 months. For refund opportunities we invoice once your organization receives any checks or credits.

No. Bottom Line’s clients span the country. We have local representation in most major cities to accommodate your needs and remain committed to delivering responsive communication and deliverables that make clear business sense.

Based on our in-depth analysis of your business, we bring a holistic perspective to the broad range of areas in which significant savings can be realized.

Zero Risk
Zero Out of Pocket Cost
Zero Obligation

We offer a unique approach with a team of experts behind each categorical analysis to deliver the greatest savings.

We have worked with more than 20,000 clients and have successfully brought over $5 billion dollars in recovery since 2009.

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