We asked Bottom Line Concepts to look into our monthly and annual expenditures and come up with innovative and effective ways for our business to save money against “our” bottom line. They did exactly that and definitely lived up to their name. 


As commercial real estate owners in New York City, the cost of energy has always been an important issue to both us and our tenants. As energy prices around the world have fluctuated, finding more consistent and reliable pricing had become an objective. We had therefore, become more engaged in researching the options that exist. […]


We were introduced to Bottom Line by our external accounting team which gave us comfort in them doing analysis on some of our expenses. For some of our costs, we were part of a consortium buying group which enabled us to get low pricing on some of our purchasing. We were pleasantly surprised to find […]


We hired Bottom Line Concepts to look at some of our expense categories and they really opened our eyes to some fresh ideas. Their novel approach was refreshing and had a significant impact on saving our firm money. The results we achieved working with them were both improved plans and service. 


We engaged Bottom Line Concepts to recover money from various refund opportunities that were 8-12 years old. Not only did they make us aware of this opportunity, but they were successful in getting us a large refund. We couldn’t be more pleased with their service and results. 

Drew Kromm, Director of Purchasing

I have a primary background in food and beverage purchasing, so facilities and corporate business spending was new to me when I joined my current company.  Not having this knowledge presents a challenge when the time comes to present concrete business data, and produce savings off of this data.  I was introduced to Bottom Line […]

Dave Klein, National Procurement Manager

The engagement teams at Bottom Line have unique categories of subject matter expertise not found most large organizations, departmental bandwidth constraints aside. BI reporting and benchmarking services are dime a dozen. Consultative partners providing execution services with strategic action plans, but with the client retaining control, pace, and direction, are far harder to come by. […]


I have known the CEO of Bottom Line Concepts, for many years now. He and his partners have proven, year after year, to continually come up with new ideas to help keep my business’ costs down. They have always been responsive and attentive to all our needs. They continually keep my company’s best interests at […]

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