David Brandon, CEO

Bottom Line Concepts has terrific leadership and fulfills its promise to add value by contributing to the bottom line of your organization. They promised us positive results and delivered on their promise! There are very few no risk/all reward opportunities available today in the business world. Bottom Line Concepts offers such a proposition!

Ashok Gandhi, CFO

Having worked with a few different companies in the past that promised cost savings and delivered more aggravation than savings, I was skeptical at first to work with Bottom Line Concepts. After having worked with the BLC team, I am pleased to say that I feel differently now. BLC found substantial savings with virtually no […]


We engaged Bottom Line Concepts to take an independent look at a few of our expense categories. In certain areas, we were pleased with the steps we had taken internally to achieve some level of cost savings on our own. In other areas, Bottom Line Concepts opened our eyes to creative solutions we never could […]


It has been a pleasure working with the team at Bottom Line. Bottom Line has helped our organization identify several cost recovery initiatives and managed the entire process with minimal impact to our team. We are impressed with the results achieved by Bottom Line and look forward to exploring more opportunities in the future. 


I met Bottom Line through a vendor of mine and was quite impressed by their team. They helped us partake in various ways that allowed us to receive refunds. Bottom Line’s entire team is extremely helpful and always looking for creative ways to get the company money back.

BJ (Sara) Group, Vice President

Bottom Line was referred to us for outstanding and diligent work on asset recovery and expense review. The relationship began by recovering existing funds from forgotten or dormant accounts. Bottom Line made quick work and the process was simple and easy. Furthermore, the team was always willing to join a call with us to explain […]


Beginning as a small family business and growing into a nationally recognized brand, as time has gone on, turning a profit has become more and more difficult. Factors such as escalating lease costs, the explosion of ecommerce and increasing tax rates have contributed to this. We felt it was time to bring in some outside […]


I gave Bottom Line’s CEO a call and we hit it off famously right off the bat. I was pleasantly surprised while speaking with him that they were well versed in the area of work I was tasked with. Having Bottom Line on my side, with their amazing market knowledge of where the pricing baseline […]


Bottom Line Concepts did an excellent job at giving us an independent and professional viewpoint as to what our costs should be across multiple categories.  In the process, they helped us not only realize meaningful savings, but also think differently about the state of the market for different products and services and how to better […]


As our company expanded and moved into many new states, the landscape of taxes and how it related to our company became increasingly more complicated. We were introduced to Bottom Line Concepts by our accountants to do an audit of our prior year’s sales/use tax to address this concern. Once the analysis was complete and […]

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