Mitchell Modell, CEO

As a 131-year-old family owned company, we normally would handle a lot of our operations/expenses internally. When a close friend referred me to Bottom Line, who had already worked with them in the past, I thought I would give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to save us a lot […]

Jim Ibister, Vice President

We were very impressed how Bottom Line Concepts analyzed our complicated vendor environment and was able to quickly deliver results. We believed we had a very good handle on all of our costs, but their team was able to realize additional savings which exceeded our expectations. Our experience has been efficient, professional and very positive.

Marc Lasry, Owner

When my firm invests in companies we do our best internally to help those companies grow and become more profitable. We discovered that collaborating with Bottom Line enhanced that process for us. Each dollar saved, allows us to show a higher return to our investors over time. Bottom Line has worked with us on a […]

Scott Sangrey, Controller

Bottom Line Concepts was able to show us considerable savings on the utility bills for our practice facility. They were professional, efficient, and kept us informed during the process. We are very happy with the results and definitely recommend their services.


As our company is expanding and moving into various business’ and new states, it’s great to have a partner like Bottom Line Concepts who can help us with the complicated moving pieces of a growing company. Once their analysis was complete and their recommendations came back, it was clear to us that they would not […]

Tim Zue, CFO

Bottom Line Concepts has been helping us identify cost savings in a number of different areas and in a short amount of time has already identified six figure savings. Their staff members have been great to work with and have made the process seamless and easy, requiring only a limited amount of time and energy […]

Brian Simmons, COO

The team at Bottom Line are exceptional in their level and knowledge and support. Supplier relationships can be difficult to navigate, but they’ve proven themselves experts, and easy to work with. Highly recommend.


Bottom Line Concepts is an outstanding partner. They found money we were owed. They did the heavy lifting to recover it. And they kept us updated throughout the process. Every company should engage them. There is literally no downside. Let Bottom Line Concepts find money for you.

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