Michael Teplin, Director of Finance

I would be pleased to have my personal success working with Bottom Line to be shared as a testimonial. We were looking for a firm to help us confirm that our expenses were not only in line with the hospitality industry, but were appropriate compared to other industries as well. In some areas, Bottom Line […]

Ron Roberts, Vice President of Finance

The team at Bottom Line Concepts have partnered with us to help find cost savings within our organization.  They have many relationships with experts in their fields that can assist in finding savings in niche areas such as shipping, cellular service, credit card processing, prescription drugs, and others.  Using technology they can review and audit […]

Charles Kacherski, General Counsel

We were introduced to Bottom Line through our Risk Management team, who we have worked with for many years. Bottom Line was able to introduce us to many different refund opportunities, in which our organization was entitled to refunds going back as far as 15 years ago. When we received our first distribution, we were […]

Cory Alder, Franchisee Owner

One of our investors had referred us to Bottom Line in order to look at saving our properties money. During COVID-19, the hospitality industry took a huge hit and we were looking for additional ways to control and reduce our costs. We experienced great savings with little effort required on our side. We were so […]


I am a partner in multiple businesses and hired Bottom Line initially to help streamline my Human Resources departments. Bottom Line came up with a model that saved my staff time, allowing them to focus on more important initiatives and save the companies money. I appreciated the fact that Bottom Line has offerings in so […]


Bottom Line Concepts did a great job of recovering sales taxes on a number of our companies. They went through our records and filed all the necessary paperwork. It was an effortless process for us and the end result was substantial refunds of taxes.

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